The Impending End of Jural Rights in Kentucky

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Article | 99 KY. L. J. ONLINE 4 | Nov. 3, 2011

Greg N. Stivers & Scott D. Laufenberg

The jural rights doctrine is a part of the lexicon of Kentucky jurisprudence that many lawyers have heard of but do not fully understand. More significantly, many may not appreciate the genesis of the doctrine, its impact on Kentucky law, and the effect its abolition would have on Kentucky law. Based upon the Supreme Court of Kentucky’s recent decision in Caneyville Volunteer Fire Department v. Green’s Motorcycle Salvage, Inc., in which a plurality of the court supported abandonment of the jural rights doctrine, the doctrine’s days appear to be numbered.

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The Impending End of Jural Rights in Kentucky


Greg N. Stivers & Scott D. Laufenberg, The Impending End of the Jural Rights Doctrine in Kentucky Jurisprudence, 99 Ky. L.J. Online 50 (2011),

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