Volume 103, Issue 1

Print Archive: Volume 103, Issue 1 (2014-2015)


103 KY. L. J. 1Subprime Scriveners | Milan Markovic

103 KY. L. J. 45 | Crime and Punishment, a Global Concern: Who Does It Best and Does Isolation Really Work | Melanie Reid

103 KY. L. J. 95 | Should Paris Hilton Receive a Lighter Prison Sentence Because She’s Rich: An Experimental Study | Josef Montag & Tomas Sobek


103 KY. L. J. 127 | The Kentucky Religious Freedom Act: Neither a Savior for the Free Exercise of Religion nor a Monstrous Threat to Civil Rights | Jennifer Pekman

103 KY. L. J. 147 | Association of Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics, Inc.: Determining the Scope of the Supreme Court’s Holding for Patentable Subject Matter | Ashley Winkler