Volume 103, Issue 3

Print Archive: Volume 103, Issue 3 (2014-2015)


103 KY. L. J. 311 | Forget Me, Forget Me Not: Reconciling Two Different Paradigms of the Right to Be Forgotten | Lawrence Siry

103 KY. L. J. 345 | That’s Unfair! Or Is It? Big Data, Discrimination and the FTC’s Unfairness Authority | Dennis D. Hirsch

103 KY. L. J. 363The Right to Be Forgotten: Who Decides What the World Forgets? | Patricia Sánchez Abril and Jaqueline D. Lipton

103 KY. L. J. 391Data Privacy As a Civil Right: The EU Gets It? | Raymond Shih Ray Ku

103 KY. L. J. 405 | Surveillance at the Source | David Thaw

103 KY. L. J. 419Privacy and Health Information: The United States and the European Union | Leslie Francis


103 KY. L. J. 433Busting the Ghost Guns: A Technical, Statutory, and Practical Approach to the 3-D Printed Weapon Problem | Katherine E. Beyer

103 KY. L. J. 457One Minute to Midnight: Amending the War Powers Resolution to Confront the Coming Cyber Wars | Benjamin L. Monarch