Volume 104, Issue 1

Print Archive: Volume 104, Issue 1 (2015-2016)


104 KY. L. J. 1Crowd Crush: How the Law Leaves American Crowds Unprotected | Tracy Hresko Pearl

104 KY. L. J. 47 | An Unconventional Approach to Reviewing the Judicially Unreviewable: Applying the Dormant Commerce Clause to Copyright | Donald P. Harris

104 KY. L. J. 99 | The Promises and Pitfalls of State Eyewitness Identification Reforms | Nicholas A. Kahn-Fogel


104 KY. L. J. 165 | Public Benefit Corporations in Kentucky: What Impact Should Kentucky Corporations Expect? | Mary Katherine Kington

104 KY. L. J. 189 | Cases, Controversies, and Direct Democracy: Overcoming the Hollingsworth v. Perry Defensive Standing Obstacle When State Executives Decline to Defend | Colton W. Givens