Volume 104, Issue 3

Print Archive: Volume 104, Issue 3 (2015-2016)


104 KY. L. J. 375 | Federal Reserve Preemption and Underinsured Coverage Offering in the Digital Age: E-SIGN and UETA Have Not Had a Significant Impact on State Offering Or Rejection Requirements | Steven Plitt, Daniel Maldonado, John Wittwer

104 KY. L. J. 409 | Rectifying These Mean Street: Percent-for-Art Ordinances, Street Furniture, and the New Streetscape | Asmara M. Tekle

104 KY. L. J. 449 | Family Formation and the Home | Pamela Laufer-Ukeles, Shelly Kreizer-Levy


104 KY. L. J. 507 | Persecution: How Much Is Enough | Hillary Chambers

104 KY. L. J. 525 | No State Left behind: An Analysis of the Post-EGTRRA Death Tax Landscape and an Argument for Kentucky to Repeal State Death Taxes | Mary EllenWimberly