Volume 104, Issue 4

Print Archive: Volume 104, Issue 4 (2015-2016)


104 KY. L. J. 547 | A Pivotal Movement for Election Law, Foreword | Joshua A. Douglas

104 KY. L. J. 561 | Who’s Afraid of the Hated Political Gerrymander | Luis Fuentes-Rohwer

104 KY. L. J. 583 | Voting Realism | Gilda R. Daniels

104 KY. L. J. 607 | Economic Precarity, Race, and Voting Structures | Atiba R. Ellis

104 KY. L. J. 631 | Judicial Enforcement of a Grand Election Bargain | Michael J. Pitts

104 KY. L. J. 651 | Aggregate Corruption | Michael D. Gilbert, Emily Reeder

104 KY. L. J. 671 | Judicial Review of Direct Democracy: A Reappraisal | Michael E. Solimine

104 KY. L. J. 699 | Arbitrating Ballot Battles | Rebecca Green


104 KY. L. J. 719 | Tinker Tortured: The Scope of Student off-Campus Viral Speech Rights in the Federal Circuits| Kevin Nathaniel Troy Fowler

104 KY. L. J. 747 | The Use of False DNA Evidence to Gain a Confession during Interrogation Is Classic Coercion: Why Such Coerced Confessions Should Not Be Admissible in a Criminal Trial | Andrea Reed

Volume 104, Issue 3

Print Archive: Volume 104, Issue 3 (2015-2016)


104 KY. L. J. 375 | Federal Reserve Preemption and Underinsured Coverage Offering in the Digital Age: E-SIGN and UETA Have Not Had a Significant Impact on State Offering Or Rejection Requirements | Steven Plitt, Daniel Maldonado, John Wittwer

104 KY. L. J. 409 | Rectifying These Mean Street: Percent-for-Art Ordinances, Street Furniture, and the New Streetscape | Asmara M. Tekle

104 KY. L. J. 449 | Family Formation and the Home | Pamela Laufer-Ukeles, Shelly Kreizer-Levy


104 KY. L. J. 507 | Persecution: How Much Is Enough | Hillary Chambers

104 KY. L. J. 525 | No State Left behind: An Analysis of the Post-EGTRRA Death Tax Landscape and an Argument for Kentucky to Repeal State Death Taxes | Mary EllenWimberly

Volume 104, Issue 2

Print Archive: Volume 104, Issue 2 (2015-2016)


104 KY. L. J. 207 | Once We’re Done Honeymooning: Obergefell v. Hodges, Incrementalism, and Advances for Sexual Orientation Anti-Discrimination | Jeremiah A. Ho

104 KY. L. J. 287 | Governmental Acquiescence in Private Party Searches: The State Action Inquiry and Lessons from the Federal Circuits | Eugene L. Shapiro

104 KY. L. J. 325 | The SEC’s Regulation A+: Small Business Goes Under the Bus Again  | Rutheford B Campbell, Jr.


104 KY. L. J. 353 | Taking Physicians out of the Straitjacket: Defending Physician Free Speech Rights by Defining the Truthful and Nonmisleading Standard | Kathryn E. Meyer

Volume 104, Issue 1

Print Archive: Volume 104, Issue 1 (2015-2016)


104 KY. L. J. 1Crowd Crush: How the Law Leaves American Crowds Unprotected | Tracy Hresko Pearl

104 KY. L. J. 47 | An Unconventional Approach to Reviewing the Judicially Unreviewable: Applying the Dormant Commerce Clause to Copyright | Donald P. Harris

104 KY. L. J. 99 | The Promises and Pitfalls of State Eyewitness Identification Reforms | Nicholas A. Kahn-Fogel


104 KY. L. J. 165 | Public Benefit Corporations in Kentucky: What Impact Should Kentucky Corporations Expect? | Mary Katherine Kington

104 KY. L. J. 189 | Cases, Controversies, and Direct Democracy: Overcoming the Hollingsworth v. Perry Defensive Standing Obstacle When State Executives Decline to Defend | Colton W. Givens

Volume 103, Issue 3

Print Archive: Volume 103, Issue 3 (2014-2015)


103 KY. L. J. 311 | Forget Me, Forget Me Not: Reconciling Two Different Paradigms of the Right to Be Forgotten | Lawrence Siry

103 KY. L. J. 345 | That’s Unfair! Or Is It? Big Data, Discrimination and the FTC’s Unfairness Authority | Dennis D. Hirsch

103 KY. L. J. 363The Right to Be Forgotten: Who Decides What the World Forgets? | Patricia Sánchez Abril and Jaqueline D. Lipton

103 KY. L. J. 391Data Privacy As a Civil Right: The EU Gets It? | Raymond Shih Ray Ku

103 KY. L. J. 405 | Surveillance at the Source | David Thaw

103 KY. L. J. 419Privacy and Health Information: The United States and the European Union | Leslie Francis


103 KY. L. J. 433Busting the Ghost Guns: A Technical, Statutory, and Practical Approach to the 3-D Printed Weapon Problem | Katherine E. Beyer

103 KY. L. J. 457One Minute to Midnight: Amending the War Powers Resolution to Confront the Coming Cyber Wars | Benjamin L. Monarch

Volume 103, Issue 2

Print Archive: Volume 103, Issue 2 (2014-2015)


103 KY. L. J. 169 | Text Me: A Text-Based Interpretation of 28 U.S.C. Section 2255(e) | Jennifer Case

103 KY. L. J. 199Giving Thanks: The Ethics of Grateful Patient Fundraising | Stacey Tovino

103 KY. L. J. 237Federal Deference to State Agency Implementation of Federal Law | Emily Stabile


103 KY. L. J. 269Quality Assurance Privilege in Nursing Home Litigation: Why Kentucky Should Adopt the Narrow Approach | Hannah Jamison

103 KY. L. J. 291Regulation of the Pay Television Market: Why a la Carte Cable Is Not the Solution but Giving FCC More Power Is | Jacob Moak

Volume 103, Issue 1

Print Archive: Volume 103, Issue 1 (2014-2015)


103 KY. L. J. 1Subprime Scriveners | Milan Markovic

103 KY. L. J. 45 | Crime and Punishment, a Global Concern: Who Does It Best and Does Isolation Really Work | Melanie Reid

103 KY. L. J. 95 | Should Paris Hilton Receive a Lighter Prison Sentence Because She’s Rich: An Experimental Study | Josef Montag & Tomas Sobek


103 KY. L. J. 127 | The Kentucky Religious Freedom Act: Neither a Savior for the Free Exercise of Religion nor a Monstrous Threat to Civil Rights | Jennifer Pekman

103 KY. L. J. 147 | Association of Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics, Inc.: Determining the Scope of the Supreme Court’s Holding for Patentable Subject Matter | Ashley Winkler