Current Members

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  • Orientation. Each new KLJ staff member must attend orientation. Volume 104’s orientation is usually scheduled for 3 evenings in the week before school begins. More specific information about orientation is released over the summer.
  • Notes Program. Each second-year KLJ staff member must write a publishable quality note on a topic of his or her choosing. The current standard for each note is that it must be no less than 20 pages and contain no fewer than 100 endnotes. However, this standard is subject to change.
  • Source and Cites. KLJ staff members are assigned several substantial editing assignments, known as “source and cites.” A source and cite requires that the staff member verify that a portion of an article or note is legally sound. In addition, the staff member will perform a grammatical edit of the text and ensure that the related footnotes in the article or note conform to the Bluebook.
  • Blog Post. Each second-year KLJ staff member must write a blog post for Kentucky Law Journal Online (KLJO). The blog should be between 400 and 600 words on a topic of the student’s own choosing that is approved by the KLJO staff. Each student will be assigned a day in either the fall or spring semester on which his or her blog is due.
  • Additional Responsibilities. KLJ staff members may be assigned additional duties that further KLJ’s mission to aid in the development of legal scholarship and practice. This includes help with KLJ symposiums and promotion of KLJ to potential new members.

Credit Hours

Because participation in the KLJ demands a substantial time commitment, each member will receive up to 3 hours of pass/fail credit at the end of their third year if all membership requirements are fulfilled.