Issue 1
Table of Contents


Toward a Common Law of Plea Bargaining
Wesley MacNeil Oliver

Promising Protection: 911 Call Records as Foundation for Family Violence Intervention
Linda L. Bryant and James G. Dwyer

Sexting and Freedom of Expression: A Comparative Approach
Dr. Joanne Sweeny

Ray Distinguished Lecture

The Sacred and the Secular: South Africa's Constitutional Court Rules on Same-Sex Marriages
Justice Albie Sachs


Watching the Watchmen: Drone Privacy and the Need for Oversight
Ben Jenkins

"Hobby-Lobby"-ing for Religious Freedom: Crafting the Religious Employer Exemption to the PPACA
Emily Pitt Mattingly
Issue 2
Table of Contents


APA Deference After Independent Living Center: Why Informal Adjudicatory Action Needs a Hard Look
Brietta R. Clark

Giving Meaning to “Meaningful Access” in Medicaid Managed Care
Mary Crossley

The Future of Medicaid Supplemental Payments: Can They Promote Patient–Centered Care?
Laura D. Hermer and Merle Lenihan

Where There Is a Right, There Must Be a Remedy (Even in Medicaid)
Nicole Huberfeld

Medicaid Evolution for the 21st Century
John V. Jacobi

Crafting a Narrative for the Red State Option
Elizabeth Weeks Leonard

Emergency Response: A Systemic Approach to Diaper Rash, Chest Pain, andMedicaid in the ED
Sallie Thieme Sanford

Medicaid, Marketplaces, and Premium Assistance: What Is at Stake in Arkansas? The Perils and Pitfalls of Medicaid Expansion Through Marketplace Premium Assistance
Sidney D. Watson


A Framework to Evaluate Pharmaceutical Pay–for–Delays: A Balancing Test Based Upon Reasonableness
Jessica Hudson Bechtel

Expanding the Scope of Who May Petition for Domestic Violence Protective Orders in Kentucky
Sarah Lawson
Issue 3
Table of Contents


Voter Ignorance and Judicial Elections
Dmitry Bam

Corporate Voluntarism and Liability for Human Rights in a Post-Kiobel World
Robert C. Bird, Daniel R. Cahoy, & Lucien J. Dhooge

Valuation in Light of Uncertainty: How Stock Option Pricing Models Can Inform More Accurate Valuation Discounts for Built-In Gains
Rebecca N. Morrow

Think Twice: Charging Orders and Creditor Property Rights
Chad J. Pomeroy

Keynote Address - The Kentucky Bar Association's Second Annual Forum on Criminal Law Reform in the Commonwealth of Kentucky

The Future of the Death Penalty in Kentucky and America
Stephen B. Bright


The Pot's Right: It's Time for Congress to Go "All In" for Online Poker
Jeffrey S. Moad

Pretrial Detention in Kentucky: An Analysis of the Impact of House Bill 463 During the First Two Years of Its Implementation 
Robert Veldman
Issue 4
Table of Contents


The New Regulations of Small Business Capital Formation: The Impact - If Any - of the JOBS Act
Rutheford B. Campbell, Jr.

Who Can't Raise Capital?: The Scylla and Charybdis of Capital Formation
James D. Cox

How Congress Killed Investment Crowdfunding: A Tale of Political Pressure, Hasty Decisions, and Inexpert Judgments that Begs for a Happy Ending
Joan MacLeod Heminway

IPOs and the Slow Death of Section 5
Donald C. Langevoort & Robert B. Thompson

The Effect of the JOBS Act on Underwriting Spreads
Usha Rodrigues

Direct Private Placements
William K. Sjostrom, Jr. 

The Role of the States in the Regulation of Private Placements
Manning Gilbert Warren II


Tweets from the Grave: Social Media Life After Death
Jason R. Hollon

4% Absent=100% Disaster: Why the Math Doesn't Add Up on Fixed Attendance Leave Policies Under the FMLA
Lara Clay Parker